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Psychogate Ground


What is Psychogate?

Psychogate is the longest running, biggest and best fan-run tailgate on campus. We have two 50-inch flat screen TV's, two satellite dishes, a Fireball Whisky shot machine, a Jagermeister shot machine, cellphone charging station, live streaming webcam and so much more! It's organized by one of USC's most diehard and well known fans, USC Psycho.

Psychogate is open to ALL football fans but you need to have a pass to participate. You can get your season pass here.

For details on why a season pass is required here is the new Psychogate policy.

Any fan wearing the opposing team's gear will be granted automatic admission to the tailgate without a season pass. And we'll be sure to show you some genuine Trojan hospitality. We just ask that if you plan to make Psychogate your gameday destination that you make a contribution to the tailgate (see below).


Where is Psychogate?

The tailgate is on the strip of grass in the middle of Trousdale, in front of Bovard Auditorium and about 150 feet north of Tommy Trojan. If you start at Tommy Trojan walk north to the flag poles. Then continue north to the first lamp post past the flag poles. You will find us right by this lamp post.

If you have any trouble finding the tailgate on game day, send a tweet to @USCPsycho.


6 a.m. until Kick Off

You read that right. We're there from 6 a.m. and don’t stop until right before kick-off. Every. Single. Home game. The tailgate has a satellite dish, two HDTVs, Jagermeister tap machine and lots of other tailgate goodies. So we always have a great time and watch college football all day.


Psychogate Code

All fans are welcome to join the tailgate! Yes, that includes opposing fans too! Good sportsmanship is expected from EVERYONE or you’ll be asked to leave. Psychogate is about having a good time with good people. If you want to trash talk, do it somewhere else. No exceptions.


Gameday Contributions

In addition to your season pass we also ask you to support the operation by donating your time, bringing a bottle of Jagermeister or bringing anything to enhance the party. Check #PsychoGate and @psychogate for the up-to-the-minute news and to see if there’s anything we are in urgent need of.


Napkins, utensils, plates, cups, wet wipes and even hand sanitizer. Bring any of these and we will be very grateful!


We never seem to have enough ice. Ice is always a welcome contribution. And it's cheap too!

Booze, Drinks and Mixers

BYOB or bring some extra to share. We welcome non-alcoholic contributions too, like water, soda and juice!

Grill (Games starting after 3 p.m. only)

You are welcome to bring food to cook on the grill but if your food needs to be kept cold please bring your own cooler. No food is to be placed in coolers with drinks under any circumstances (if we find your raw food in our coolers it will be disposed without warning). We may have a Psychogate team member manning the grill or you may have to grill your own food. Please share the grill and treat the grill with respect so that we can all enjoy it for many years.


Chips, dips, salsa, guacamole, nuts, veggie trays, sandwiches, cupcakes, whatever. Bring it. We'll eat it.

Stripper Pole

If you want to, we're not going to say no...


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