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10:00 AM (estimated) ON AUGUST 26!


Psychogate is located on the South Lawn in Exposition Park. South Lawn is the big grassy area directly north (Not south!) of the Coliseum at the intersection of Expsotion Park Drive & Bill Robertson Lane. If you walk towards the Coliseum from campus you can't miss it!

The tailgate for San Jose State starts at 10:00am (estimated). We are always in the south-west section of the South Lawn where you see the SC logo on the map below. If you check @USCPsycho on the day of the game, a link to the exact location within the South Lawn will be posted once we are set up.

What is Psychogate?

Psychogate is the longest running, biggest and best fan-run USC tailgate!

Psychogate is run by fans, for fans and it's all about the Trojan Family. It's where you can go on any game day to tailgate with fellow Trojans. We have TV, a Fireball shot machine, great food, steaks cooked to order and most importantly lots of great USC football fans! It's organized by one of USC's most diehard and well known fans, USC Psycho.

All are welcome! Just bring a good attitude and something to share!

Kids are welcome to join the tailgate as long as you don't mind if they are exposed to the mature language that they will inevitably hear from adults at a tailgate.

If you would like a killer steak, contact @VicTheMacWizard on Twitter. He will buy, prep and cook your steak to order at the tailgate. Supply is limited so order as early as possible.

Opposing teams' fans are always welcome at Psychogate! If you are visiting USC please feel free to join us and we'll show you some genuine Trojan hospitality. We just ask that if you plan to make Psychogate your gameday destination that you make a contribution to the tailgate (see Gameday Contributions below).


When is Psychogate?

Psychogate always starts six hours before kickoff.

If you are attending USC road games there is almost always a tailgate you can join! Details vary from game to game so follow @USCPsycho for tailgate info on gameday.


Psychogate Code

All fans are welcome to join the tailgate! Yes, that includes opposing fans too! Good sportsmanship is expected from EVERYONE or you’ll be asked to leave. Psychogate is about having a good time with good people. If you want to trash talk, do it somewhere else. No exceptions!

No smoking/vaping of any kind is allowed at Psychogate.


Gameday Contributions

We ask all attendees to support Psychogate by bringing something to share. If you aren't sure what to bring you can check @uscpsycho for the up-to-the-minute news and to see if there’s anything we are in urgent need of. Fireball Whisky, Skrewball and Rumchata are Psychogate staples and are always a safe bet. So is beer and seltzers, bring your favorite brand and some extra to share.

Ice Chests and Chairs

We can always use more. If you have a cooler we can use, bring it. If you have chairs we can use, bring them.


We never seem to have enough ice. Ice is always a welcome contribution. And it's cheap too!

Booze, Drinks and Mixers

Bring your favorite drink and some to share. We welcome non-alcoholic contributions too, like water, soda and energy drinks!

Grill (Only available for games starting after 2:00 p.m.)

You are welcome to bring food to cook on the grill but if your food needs to be kept cold please bring your own cooler. No food is to be placed in coolers with drinks under any circumstances (if we find your food in our coolers it will be disposed without warning). We may have someone manning the grill or you may have to grill your own food. Please share the grill and treat the grill with respect so that we can all enjoy it for many years.


Bring your favorite tailgate recipe, chips, dips, salsa, guacamole, nuts, veggie trays, sandwiches, pizza, cupcakes, whatever. Bring it. We'll eat it.


Hosting tailgates isn't free. There are many expenses and fees associated with hosting this event for every homegame. If you are enjoying yourself at Psychogate please pitch in a few bucks to help cover expenses.

Stripper Pole

If you want to, we're not going to say no...


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